British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission

About Us

Money Matters BVI is brought to you by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission.  Money Matters BVI is part of the Commission’s Financial Literacy Programme, which has as one of its objectives to provide guidance to the BVI public on the basics of finance and how to manage their money as well as their general estate.

Who is this site for?

This site is for everyone in the BVI – for all incomes, nationalities, ages, and gender.

We offer free, independent information on how to make your money work for you.  We have guides to help you make the small as well as the big financial decisions through the various stages of life.  If you’re having a baby, buying a car, building a home, starting a relationship or just going shopping around, Money Matters BVI has words of wisdom for you. 

Use Money Matters BVI for all your financial plans, whether you’re doing a quick calculation or planning your financial future.   The tools and calculators will do the math and take some of the hard work out of managing your money. You can do your budget, work out loan repayments or determine how much interest you'll make from your savings.


This website is quite separate from the BVI FSC's other roles. The BVI FSC is also the financial services regulator.  For more information about FSC's role as a regulator, go to the BVI FSC’s website.